Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair

Your refrigerator is always running which means it's more susceptible to wear and tear than other appliances in your home. But it's the most valuable as it holds your freezer which keeps thins frozen and your other perishables at an acceptable temperature to preserve and eat for longer periods than in the past.

Using a manual screwdriver and cordless drill, you can usually fix most of your refrigerator problems yourself and just look for parts online.

DIY repairs save a lot in the time and money department. Why pay someone else to do something you're capable of especially when it only involves some research and is usually a simple issue in the first place?

Condenser coils are the telomeres of your refrigerator and responsible for its overall lifespan. Routine cleaning at least annually will help keep them in tip-top shape as well as aid in their longevity overall.

12 Most Encountered Refrigerator Issues

1. Loud and Noisy

When your fridge stops being able to cool things, that's when it's time to say goodbye and welcome a new member of the family.

2. Fridge Doesn'tStart

Checking the relay capacitor, the electronic control board and temperature control will be very useful in determining why your refrigerator isn't initializing.

3. Leakage

It is usually the water inlet valve that causes the refrigerator to leak since water outflow in hindered. It could also be your ice maker melting ice and dripping on the floor that's the problem.

4. No Ice

Look for the inlet valves, filter and tubes in the rear of your refrigerator. If any of these are having issues then you've found the source of this problem.

5. Fridge not Cold Enough

The baffle, diffuser or air damper being broken disallow air from reaching all part of your refrigerator making it warm in some areas.

6. Water Dispenser is broken

The water actuator or inlet valve is probably broken if you can't get any water to dispense.

7. Fridge Keeps Running.

Your defrost heater and timer are the bread and butter of your fridge running for the necessary time. If either of these are not working then you'll have this issue.

8. Condensation.

This is a sealing issue, primarily the gasket seal on the door being undone. This will cause condensation to run rampant on the door.

9. The Fridge is Too Cold

Check the control board and temperature sensor to see exactly how cold your refrigerator is getting. If it's receiving excessive air then the air inlet valve isn't working properly.

10. The Freezer is Too Cold

Your thermostat or temperature sensor isn't regulating properly and is the reason for the build-up of forst and freezer-burned food in your fridge.

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